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24 Feb 2019 - NEW ALBUM 'FIFTY'

My debut album 'Fifty' is officially released! Rock 'n' roots. Folky Great Lakes country-rock. The Beatles jamming with Johnny Cash and Stan Rogers. Not sure what fits best - the album covers a lot of ground stylistically. That's what happens with an album Fifty years in the making ;-)

There are a number of ways to get this album into your hands:

1. You can order a CD and you'll get to immediately stream and/or download it, too. Go here: You can also just purchase the digital download if CDs just end up as coasters around your place ;-)

2. You can download and/or stream on iTunes/Apple Music:

3. You can stream and/or download on ReverbNation:

4. There are a bunch of other online options including Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal and more. Easy to find - just Google it.

Hope you like it!

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